Breeding Hereford cattle for thickness, low birth weight and milk and fertility

Courtenay Herefords is a family-owned and operated farm located in the beautiful Comox Valley on Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We have been raising Herefords since 1962, starting with commercial cattle and expanding to registered cattle in 1971. Economics have dictated the direction the farm and cattle have gone in and the farm has had to stand on its own as there was no outside interest to support it. Our two main objectives are and continue to be as follows: raise good grass and feed it to good cattle.

The grass is an ongoing battle as central Vancouver Island has very wet and cold winters and warm dry summers. With the extreme wet, the land has to be supplemented with lime and manure on a constant basis. Our registered cattle started from a horned Hereford base and, through the use of the best practical polled bulls we could find, we went polled. Every cow on our farm, with the exception of one from our good friend Roy Lamont, has Courtenay Hereford genetics some up to seven generations.

We welcome a visit any time, but if you don't like the rain, try to come between May and October!

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